Duck Duck Goose - Stow After The Bar

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Исполнитель: Duck Duck Goose

Название трека: Stow After The Bar

Длительность: 02:41

Добавлен: 2016-11-05

Скачали: 271


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Текст песни:

Yea! Some one take me. I have no luck with girls sing it to me. Will this whore inline for the next ride, keep on riding around town? and don’t tell me to back away from this one.
And ill sit here, and ill wait, until they play the only song that I love. Some were out there will you consider me attractive? Take me I’m your average desperate soul I swear to god I’m the real thing. Bitch I’m low on the cash flow, don’t leave me laying in the gutter where I over spend the envy at your show. I hope your happy now, I introduce myself
I turn down the sound of the sex film. Turn down the sound of the sex film ill turn it down for you. Shut it off your way too loud

Клип Duck duck goose-Stow after the bar (lyrics)


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