Soulfallen - Hearse With No Name

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Исполнитель: Soulfallen

Название трека: Hearse With No Name

Длительность: 08:07

Добавлен: 2016-12-21

Скачали: 181


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Текст песни:

"Some believe that life is merely a sad dream
From which death us awakes
If so, the herald of dawn already walks among us..."

Within these visions I drown once more
Each day more violent than before
(I hear) wolves howling behind every door
And footsteps on an empty floor

Embraced by the Sun's stygian light
My dreams they come with open eyes

Loss of the blissful days of yore
The loss of all that we adore
Resounding to death's violent score
I saw it all, but there was more...

For a new kind of shadow walks among us
Unbound by laws of light and shade

Bearing it's mark on both beasts and man
A herald to our world's descent
To no masters it bows down or hails
For with Death itself this rider trails

I saw as it came, a hearse with no name
New suns were born as the old ones gave away
I saw as it came, bearing the mark of Cain
And watched the world succumb to ancient flames...

Only two remain as the music fades
But no curtains fall upon this dying stage
Only two remain, grotesque lifeless facades
Made of only ash - before the winds blew them away...

The vision fades and the sweet arms
Of reality surround me once again
But I see a cold future that lurks
Behind these walls, awaiting to descend...

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